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Seth Godin says “Perfectionists Are Cowards”… Here’s Why

Seth Godin talks about the placebo effect, how it affects people, and why trying to be a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.

How do You Connect With Your Audience so They Care? Seth Godin Knows!

Seth Godin talks his teaching career and gives marketing advice for the digital age.

The Key to Effective Business Negotiations with Corey Kupfer

Corey Kupfer is an expert business consultant with over 30 years of negotiating experience. In his book, Corey draws on his years of experience on how to strike a deal that works for both parties.

Triple Bottom Line Banking with Richard Vaillancourt

We hear about Richard Vaillancourt’s decision to merge his banking background with a triple bottom line approach through Omista Credit Union.

The Importance of Business Mentorship with Janna Hare

Janna introduces us to the Mentra concept and tells us the importance of mentorship. Dave notes that a majority of major business leaders needed their own mentors to get to where they are today.

Chris Hadfield Explains Devoting Yourself to a Successful Life

Commander Hadfield expresses the lessons he has learned from floating around our little blue dot that we call home.

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Establishing Your Sustainable Business and Focusing on Good

Steve Beauchesne’s Success With his Employee Owned Business, Beaus All Natural

Steve discusses his very successful brewery aswell as what it means to be a B-Corp.

Scientist Turned Entrepreneur: Bethany Deshpande

Bethany chats with Greg and Dave about creating SomaDetect agriculture farming company. The company helps farmers provide better care for animals and provide quality milk.

Building Confidence for the Disabled with Jim Kokocki and Martin Chiasson

We sit down and talk with two of the board members of L’Arche, a chain of communities where people with disabilities are able to explore their gifts.

Episode 110 – Christina Smith of the Redwoods Group

Taking a Stand Introducing Christina Smith of The Redwoods Group Sometimes the course of events in life offers you an opportunity to take a stand for what is right and just. This week’s Boiling Point guest knows all about this. Christina Smith is a consultant with the...

“Likeability” – Michael Katz Explains Your Biggest Asset

Michael Katz explains why your likeability is actually your biggest asset and how you can stand out from other people with your same qualifications.

Bankruptcy, Resilliance and Healthy Food for all – Dave Wolpin and Kredls

Dave talks going from Kredl’s employee to owning the store and deciding to sell local food.

Making A Business Out of A Town: The Story of Kalu Yala

Greg was invited to Kalu Yala by his friend Yarrow Kraner where he got the opportunity to network with international thought-leaders.

The Giveback Economy

Carla Langhorst and Peter Miller explain the meaning of social innovation and social enterprise.
Both guests go over the release of their new book, “The GiveBack Economy.

Becoming a Member of the Wallace McCain Institute with Alex MacBeath

Greg introduces Alex MacBeath as the Chair of the Wallace McCain Institute. We hear the in-depth process of becoming a member of this organization.

Richard Sommer – Architects, Artists, and Lateral Thinking

Richard explains the impact on broad lateral thinking that comes with training or schooling in architecture. This helps expand job prospects.

Culture, Business, Technology: Matt George Explores The Intersections

What are the cultural agreements we are all making daily? Do we even realize we are making those agreements?

The Voice of the Boiling Point: Matt Webber

The voice of the Boiling Point intro, Matt Webber, talks about operating a restaurant/pub outside Halifax called Edible Matters.

We Talk (Well, Listen) to Jordan Kyriakidis Speak About Quantum Physics and Technology

Jordan explains to Dave and Greg what his company QRA Corp does, and how he applys his background in quantum physics to designing complex tech systems.

Finding Your Own Path to Leadership: Lessons Learned from Hardwork with Andy LaRose

Andy LaRose shares how Alcon Electrical Corp started with two guys in a garage, and the challenges he has faced in order to grow as an entrepreneur.

Suzanne Siemens is De-Feminizing Menstruation Care with Her Sustainable Business

Suzanne explains keeping your values while making business decisions, and she tells of developing her feminism values.

Fighting Iron Deficiency One Fish at a Time With Gavin Armstrong

Gavin describes his business journey in creating his reusable product, ’Lucky Iron Fish’, which helps combat iron deficiency.

Bruce Mcleod Takes Business Coaching to a new Level

Bruce Mcleod talks how he impacts companies product differentiation and competitive advantage.

Insurance through Social Responsibility

The company that Bernie Geiss founded is Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. This company is the only certified insurance B-Corp in all of Canada.

Supporting Your Business Growth


Taking The Confusion Out of Applying for Government Contracts – Carroll Bernard Introduces Us to Govology

As entrepreneurs we seem to have a built in fear of the big, scary, complex government procurement process.

Using Truth and Transparency to Create Trust in Your Sales: Troy Wallace’s Paradigm Shift

Are you focusing on how you can best serve the customer’s needs?

Looking to Free Up Some of Your Time? Connor Gillivan’s Got The Solution

Connor Gillivan explains his company, FreeeUp, a freelancer finding service that will free up your business time in ways no other service can.

Teamwork Tactics from Basketball Coach Nelson Terroba

Greg and Dave sit down with Nelson Terroba to talk about his career as a basketball coach and how he approaches team building and teamwork.

Craig Ballantyne on Taking “The Leap” and his Five Pillars for Success

Craig describes working through anxiety attacks and discusses his Five Pillars of Success.

Public Relations – Bonnie Elgie Has the Secret

Bonnie talks about being strategic and consistent with getting your message out there by investing in a plan and understanding your customer.

How do You Connect With Your Audience so They Care? Seth Godin Knows!

Seth Godin talks his teaching career and gives marketing advice for the digital age.

Social Espionage: Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe Gives Us A Crash Course In Listening, Community and Personal Branding

We go undercover to learn about her approach to listening & personal branding called Social Espionage.

Bold Choices & Big Risk: Susan Holt Encourages Businesses to Push Further

Susan talks about the importance of continuous risk taking by entrepreneurs and encourages successful companies in a comfort zone to continue to expand.

Jason Martin is Evolving the Trades

Jason talks about testing and certifying people who want to go into the boiler making and pipefitting industry in New Brunswick.

Defining Your Business Journey

Inspired to Write: Why Kelly VanBuskirk Wrote A Book About Canadian Employers

Kelly VanBuskirk tells why he wrote a book about Canadian employers and what motivated him to write it while living in the U.K.

Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream – Paul Campbell

Paul shares his emotional life story with his hockey career that inspired his book.

Natalie Nixon Changes Lives Through Ideas, Creativity and Design Thinking

Natalie Nixon discusses how she changes lives through ideas, creativity and design thinking.

Kevin Belyea Sets Goals to Achieve His Business Success

Kevin talks about the importance of goal setting and sticking to the path to that goal whether an acquiring a company or working in a start-up.

How “United Breaks Guitars” United the World

Dave Carroll comes on to talk about the story behind the “United Breaks Guitars” videos from 2009 and what it says about the power of social media.

Brent Smith is Newfoundland’s Chief Chocolate Officer

We hear Brent Smith’s personal story of how he and his wife decided to open up The Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

How Do You Make The Impact You Desire? Curtis Kennedy Shares Lessons Learned

Curtis explains how he stays motivated, the life lessons he’s learned, and his passion for the world of entrepreneurship.

The Clean Money Revolution – Joel Solomon

The Clean Money Revolution is a must read! Joel chats with Greg and Dave about Renewal Funds and the book that he has published and why he did it.

Jan and Michael George are Providing Support for Families with Disabilities

Mike and Jan fill us in on their website and movement called Soaring Families. They helps families struggling with the emotional hardships of disabilities.

Ernane Iung’s New Book “The Success Factor”

Ernane advises small business owners that unconventional wisdom is more strategic in the real world than using conventional wisdom.

Nicole Leblanc’s Pride in Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneurs

Nicole notes her pride of being from the East Coast. She explains how Atlantic Canadian based entrepreneurs are great at organizing and starting businesses.

How Do You Use Experience to Grow? Walter Escobar Shares His Story

Walter on the importance of helping those who’ve been incarcerated to adopt entrepreneurship.

Dr Ed Brenegar Believes Leadership Can Start with Building Your Circle Of Impact

We need more problem solvers and people who are ready to adapt to the changing situations we face in business and our personal lives.

Rivers Corbett on the Importance of Teaching Entrepreneurship

Rivers talks his career and explains how the education system must be more business oriented.

35 years in Business Reinventing the Cruise Ship Tour Guide Industry

Beth explains how she founded Aquila Tours to support the cruise ship industry in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Courtney Blair – Curating the Podcast Community

Hear about Courtney Blair’s company, Zippy Content, which connects entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and consultants to the best podcasters around the globe.

The Miramichi Way with Adam Lordon

Greg and Dave talk about the rich history of Miramichi, New Brunswick with Adam Lordon who is both the mayor of Miramichi and a passionate filmmaker.

The Riipen Platform – How Dana Stepherson is Changing Education

Greg and Dave have Dana Stephenson from Vancouver, B.C. on the show to chat about his path to his current business, Riipen.

Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle 

Episode 55 – Kyle MacNevin & Kayley Reid – Wear your Label and Defeat Mental Health Stigmas

Wear your Label and Defeat Mental Health Stigmas Introducing Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reid Mental health has traditionally been a taboo topic to talk about openly.  This left many unable or unwilling to reach out for help and caused them to suffer in...

Dr. Dhirendra Shulka’s Vision of Moving to Canada and Teaching The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Dr. Dhirendra Shukla explains his move to Canada at a young age, and how he joined UNB as a teacher with an amazing vision.

Local Entrepreneur Jason MacLean Shows Us The Connection Between Yoga and Business

Introducing Jason MacLean Jason MacLean is the type of entrepreneur that just goes for it.  This includes opening a health and lifestyle business in an industrial town not known for patronizing such businesses.  However, Jay’s huge personality, passion, and work ethic...

The Nightingale Family Embraces Goat Farming

Debbie and Shain tell the story on how they went down the road of goat farming and how they are so grateful to get paid to do what they love.

Henry Cross – The Impact of Yoga on Mental and Physical Health

Henry shares how much of a great impact Yoga is for physical and mental health.

Seth Godin says “Perfectionists Are Cowards”… Here’s Why

Seth Godin talks about the placebo effect, how it affects people, and why trying to be a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.

Lessons from Surfing with Ken Otter

Ken chats with Greg and Dave about his passion for surfing and how it has become a creative outlet for him to express himself and incorporate that into his ways of teaching.

Rose Hastreiter Wants to Help You Shift Into Thrive

Rose discusses with Greg and Dave how she founded, a Canadian firm that helps people shift into thrive.

Dr. Leeno Karumanchery – Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, and Honda Accords

Leeno talks how ‘Enkidu’ drives unconscious bias out of organizations.

Firewalking Will Change Your Life – David Albin Explains How

David talks about how the firewalking process effects people, his first time firewalking, and how the process effects people.

How Do We Properly Prepare Children for Their Future? Ed McGinley Teaches Through Technology

Ed talks building a relationship with technology and why it is important for kids’ future.

Barry Ogden Knows How to Empower a Community and It’s Youth

Barry talks raising millions of dollars in Saint John and why empowering children is important.

Michael Losier Introduces Us to The Law of Attraction

Have you ever felt like something fell in place at just the right time? Well you, sir/madam, have been experiencing evidence of the law of attraction.

Chris Hadfield Explains Devoting Yourself to a Successful Life

Commander Hadfield expresses the lessons he has learned from floating around our little blue dot that we call home.

Jaclyn Trecartin and The Law of Attraction

Jaclyn chats with Greg and Dave and describes how the Law Of Attraction inspired her book “33 Days: A Parenting Program to Strengthen Your Family”.

Boiling Point – Episode 145 – Neil Burchill and inSIGHT Wellness

Creating a Life Worth Living is a Life Saved Introducing Neil Burchill and inSIGHT Wellness We have all heard the phrase, “everything in moderation.” How many of us actually live these words? The people who seem to have the greatest lives are the ones who take care of...

Pole Dancing: How Tammy Morris is Changing the Stereotype

Tammy explains to Dave and Wayne how pole dancing is more of a fitness oriented activity, rather than what it is stereotyped as.

Tell Them They Have Broccoli in Their Teeth – Bruce McLeod Changes Our Minds About Difficult Conversations

Do you need to have a “difficult” conversation that you’ve been avoiding?

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