Lauchlan Ough is living the Filmmaker’s Dream

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In This Episode:

  • Lauchlan shares with our host his illustrous career as a filmmaker, and what plans he has for the future.
  • We hear about the many projects Lauchlan has worked on over the years, including: Moonlight Bazaar, City on Fire, and more.
  • Lauchlan leaks his plans to move away to Norway after finding love on a film shoot overseas.
  • Listen in to hear the whole interview!
  • Lauchlan Ough has been a celebrated filmmaker in New Brunswick for over a decade.
  • He started his career in his teens with Hemmings House and now is one of the premier film editors in Atlantic Canada.
  • Currently living in Oslo, Norway; Lauchlan still works for Hemmings House and serves as one of the fundamental pillars to the company.
  • Lauchlan has managed many projects such as City On Fire, and Moonlight Bazaar.

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