Chopstick Travel shares its overseas experiences

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In This Episode:

  • We hear from Luke and Sabrina the experiences they had while following their dream vlogging throughout eastern Asia.
  • Luke and Sabrina give insights into the system they’ve developed to bring in listeners from all over the globe.
  • We are given a sneak peak into what plans will unfold in the next year for these YouTube stars.
Luke Martin & Sabrina Davidson

Luke Martin & Sabrina Davidson

  • Luke and Sabrina are both successful food vloggers who travel the world and share their experiences trying exotic dishes.
  • Both of our guests hail from small-town New Brunswick. Since starting their vlog they have accumulated a larger audience than the population of the Province they’re from.
  • Both Luke and Sabrina have now amassed over 200,000 subscriptions for their YouTube account since starting their project. What used to be a hobby has now turned into a means to earn a profitable income for the both of them.

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